What I am Blogging About

Well I figured I should let you guys all know what I’ll be blogging about. As of now my plan is to have roughly 3 posts a week. (That may change as time goes on). I’m looking at posting something every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday as those are the days I have the most time off. If school work gets more rigorous and time-consuming I’ll probably just knock it down to either Tuesday or Thursday.

My plans for Sundays are to have some sort of reflection on Mass from that day, whether it be about the readings, the specific feast day, or something else in the religious sphere of things.

My plans for during the week (Tues., Thurs.) is to just post about whatever I find interesting, or about something that happens to me throughout the week that I want to reflect on or that I feel would be a good life lesson for both myself and possibly others.


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