Gangnam What?

Being in a college setting almost all the time I pick up on a lot of the “main stream” media that is going on in the world. One of those things that has recently hit was the song “Gangnam Style” by Psy. You probably have heard of the song before, if not here it is. (Gangnam Style) Here are my thoughts on the…song.

Initially I will admit that the rhythm and beat of the song isn’t bad. It is rather catchy and it does fit well into the American style of electronic style music. But in all honesty who knows what Psy is really even saying in his lyrics? I’m not calling him out and saying he doesn’t have good lyrics or that they don’t make sense. I’m just saying that to an American, mostly English-speaking audience here in America, we don’t know what he is saying because we don’t speak Korean. It is as simple as that. Yes we have translations of the song on the internet everywhere, but there is usually a lot of meaning in words that gets lost in translation. I’m still not totally sure how the song became SO popular. I would understand if the song had its few weeks of fame and then died out, but the popularity continues. It’s crazy!

One thing that I would love to find out is if the people who listen to the song all the time know what it is about and know the message. I have only heard the song a few times, as I’m not hooked, but I managed to also find this article explaining a little about the meaning behind the song. The article takes about comparing Gangnam, a neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea, to American areas such as Beverly Hills, which yeah is a high-class area, but is always surrounded by some sort of drama one way or another. I personally don’t think living in either of the areas would be that fun or enjoyable.

Well, anyways, these are just my thoughts. I don’t know everything about the song. I just did a little research about it once I heard it the other day and thought I’d put my ideas out there.


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