Feast Day of St. Jerome

As the title of this post states, today is the feast day for St. Jerome. I wanted to post about this because in my religion class we learned a little bit about St. Jerome. Not much, but enough to know that he is a significant figure in the Churches history. St. Jerome is responsible for writing the Vulgate, which was the version of the Bible that was used by the Catholic church for roughly 1500 years (c. 400 C.E. – 1960 C.E.). In his time St. Jerome was a great scholar, having been educated in many different places in the world (Dalmatia (in the former Yugoslavia), Rome, and Germany). He was a master in the Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Chaldaic (spoken by the people of Babylonia) languages.

Quick Facts about St. Jerome:

Born: c. 340 AD

Died: 30-Sep-420 AD

Remains: Buried, Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy

Patron Saint of: Librarians

I don’t want to go on saying a ton about him as I am not an expert on him or his life, but I do want to bring people’s attention to him and give some links to find more information about him if you want to.