The Ones Worth Suffering For

“If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing.
If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy.
… Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”
– Bob Marley


Beauty of Nature

“the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established
as the highest of the mountains;
it will be exalted above the hills,
and all nations will stream to it.” Isaiah 2:2 (NIV)

Epic (John Eldredge) – Book Review

I originally purchased this book, because much like today’s society I wanted to know what else there was to know about this life that I am living. I wanted, as the title of the book says, know “The Story God is Telling”. This book is also a pretty easy read. It is a mere 100 odd pages and can easily be read in one sitting. This book touches on not the stories of our lives, but the stories of this world; the stories of this universe.

I don’t plan on sharing every detail about this book, as I hope this may inspire you to go out and get the book to read (it’s VERY cheap and VERY worth it) but I will give my opinions on a few points.

Eldredge separates the book (and story) into 6 parts; a prologue, Acts 1-4 and an epilogue.

The idea of our lives simply being a story within a greater epic is introduced and Eldredge uses the story of Frodo from the Lord of the Rings (another reason I loved this book), as well as many other modern-day movies/stories to show how we as a human race know and acknowledge this. There is no formula for life. Sure we can predict a life event happening, and sure it may come true, but are we ever 100 percent sure that it will happen? Life unfolds itself as the best drama book ever written. You never know what is going to come next. That is what hints us to the fact that we are only playing a role in a much larger story. The story that God is telling, with each one of us as the characters.

In each of the Acts Eldredge talks about the different parts of a story and ties them to the different parts of our own personal stories. In Act one he talks about Eternal Love, and the beginning before the beginning of our lives. What was before you were. The beginning to God’s story. Act two is about The Entrance of Evil. Instantly we all think to Satan as the serpent in the garden of Eden, but Eldredge reminds us that there was more than just this. There is the story of the battle for heaven between Lucifer, the (ex-captain of the angels, but driven evil by pride) and Micheal (the archangel). This is when evil entered the world. Act three then goes to talk about The Battle For the Heart and this is when we as human finally enter the picture. Eldredge shares his thoughts on our role in God’s great epic and what each of our stories entail for us. This is the Act (chapter) that most closely pertained and related to me (as it probably will for you). The end of our human story is in Act four, the “happily ever after” of our story; The Kingdom Restored. “God has set eternity in our hearts.” Much like the endings to the stories in our culture (Cinderella, Lord of the Rings, Batman, etc.) the good guy always win. And in this situation G

od always wins.

If you are looking for a short, cheap, but very good book to read I would definitely recommend this book. There is a role for everyone in this beautiful epic that God is telling, and I pray that each and everyone finds that role. I am still searching.You’re not alone. But, in reality, are we ever done searching?

God Bless.


Article Review – Starbucks Product Recalled for Possible Salmonella

On October 15th, 2012 the Barrington Patch posted an online article about Starbucks. The article brings up the issue that Starbucks product, including Honey Peanut Butter, and Protein Bistro Boxes, are being recalled from their stores in varies states around the United States. The recall, as the title states is because of a possibility of salmonella contaminating the food. The article quotes an article directly from the FDA that talks about the exact details of the recall and give background to what salmonella is and the risks that come with food having salmonella. Surely this has an effect on the market value of Starbucks as a whole because it will do two main things: reduce the net revenue that the store will gain as well as increase their expenses. Their net revenue will be down because while the products are off the shelves waiting to be restocked. Their expenses will increase because they now have to pay for a whole new shipment of the recalled products to all of the stores that were included in the article.

Article Review – Starbucks Tea Deal Develops Aftertaste

This article, publicized in the Wall Street Journal on December 9th, 2012 is about Starbucks and it’s move to acquire the small business Teavana Holdings Inc. Starbucks had already acquired the Tazo Tea brand from this same company back in 1999 for $9 million. This new reported deal would be worth $620 million which would be the largest ever acquisition by Starbucks. There has been a lot of speculation by analysts to whether or not this is a smart move for Starbucks. Most analysts think that Starbucks has better options within the global tea market. Starbucks’s CEO Howard Schultz is staying with the stance that “the two brands can help drive customers to one another by uniting their customer loyalty programs, social-media efforts and mobile applications.” Starbucks also believes that “Teavana’s moneymaking potential from its current form is a big plus.” In the long run I think this deal will have a positive effect on Starbucks as a company as well as the market value of the company.