I Can

I can learn
I can listen
I can love
I can communicate
I can speak
I can be caring
I can be content
I can be secure
I can support
I can nourish
I can be healthy
I can enjoy
I can be kind
I can guide
I can smile
I can know
I can change
I can help
I can make a difference
I can be grateful

Written by Anonymous

This is a poem all about the things to be grateful for in our lives. It was written by someone in a workshop I attended and thought that it was a subtle masterpiece that gives us a simple view at the blessings in our lives that we should be thankful for.


Warmth, Comfort, Beauty

warmth, comfort, beauty
the friendly sound of the birds
the flowing of fresh water
a smile and a thank you
warmth, comfort, beauty
the moment of silence in meditation
the comfort of fellowship
a brief walk in the surrounding environment
warmth, comfort, beauty

written by Jordan Cox